• BlackBerry Protect Releasing Soon?

    Does RIM have plans to release BlackBerry Protect soon? For those that don’t know, BlackBerry Protect is an upcoming service app that will backup your critical BlackBerry data along with help you find and wipe your lost or stolen phone.

    Two articles were recently published by RIM in their BlackBerry Connection Newsletter indicating the following:

    “If you misplace or lose your BlackBerry smartphone your carrier may be able to help by:
    • Backing up your smartphone’s data (including messages, contacts, appointments, tasks, memos, etc), just in case it is permanently lost
    • Activating a loud ringer on your BlackBerry smartphone so you can hear its location (did you check the couch?)
    • Locking your device so no one else can access your personal data
    • Displaying a customizable "lost and found" message on your smartphone screen with your contact information
    • Restoring your data, messages, contacts, and appointments on a new BlackBerry smartphone.

    (Note: you may also choose to use the new BlackBerry® Protect service yourself. Read our article in this issue.)”

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