• BlackBerry Productivity Suite Shown On Rendered Venice Slider

    Everyone's favorite Twitter tech-leaker was at it again this weekend. This time in the form of a rendered video showcasing the BlackBerry Productivity Suite on the new 'Venice" slider. (I'm getting tired of calling it the Venice...what the heck IS ITS NAME).

    The quick video (read: gif) choppily shows off the BlackBerry Hub, unified contacts and calendar apps all with that familiar Android Lollipop UI scheme with hamburger menu toggles.

    I like what I see. One particular commenter nailed what I was thinking when they said "now imagine if it has Peek and swipe up to get out of an app". EXACTLY. I've long wished Android used more swipe gestures in their launcher. BlackBerry SHOULD be writing their own launcher especially if they're trying to get the Hub to mirror BlackBerry 10 on Android.

    Time will tell. (I'm getting tired of saying that too!)

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