• BlackBerry Priv Shown With 64-Bit, 4K Video & Safeguard Confirmations

    The rumored launch of the BlackBerry Priv is scheduled for November, and with only a few weeks left before that date it is not surprising that we are going to start seeing more leaks of hardware & spec confirmations.

    N4BB posted images earlier this week that confirms many op the BlackBerry Priv's hardware & specs.

    We'll break down each item below.

    4K Video and 64-Bit Support

    With the Priv rumored to have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 processor, 4K video & 64-bit support were obvious as they are part of the processor's key features/specs. If you haven't invested in a large capacity microSD card (32GB or higher), you might reconsider when your internal 32GB storage gets filled with 4K videos.

    While 64-bit support isn't really something that'll be a game changer for the average user, when it comes down to the architecture of Android it'll be something that'll be beneficial. Heck, GreenBot has a whole article about it!

    BlackBerry Safeguard

    Throughout the many leaks we've seen of the BlackBerry Priv, the name BlackBerry Safeguard has been mentioned many times, but not much has been divulged until these recent device leaks. From our best guess, it seems that Safeguard will be a antivirus security software offered by BlackBerry, likely something repackaged from an already known Antivirus providers (remember the Lookout icon on leaked video...?)

    Edge Screen

    We've known since MWC 2015 that the BlackBerry "Slider" Priv would come with a curved screen, but its actual implementation has been vague. Only use we've seen so far is to provide battery charge time/percentage. We've heard from several sources that'll be used in conjunction with HUB, but that is still to be officially confirmed.

    Glass Weave Back

    Of all the BlackBerry 10 devices to hit the market since 2013, I've always had a preference for the glass weave back that was found on the Z30. The image above seems to confirm that the Priv will follow suit, & this will likely help to bolster the device's premium look.

    With all these images above, I can only describe my excitement with this overused meme:

    Do these latest Priv images bolster your excitement for the device? Let us know in the comments below!

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