• BlackBerry Priv and Pop-up Widgets get shown off in Features Overview

    BlackBerry Posted a Feature Overview video of the Priv and it looks good, very good. It shows off a bunch of the new Android features, several of which have already been seen. Holding the home button gives you the option of sliding left for universal search, up for Google Now and right for the BlackBerry Hub. BlackBerry highlights the on screen keyboard with flick typing and the 18MP Schneider-Kreuznach® Dual Flash camera with OIS as well as the 4K video recording capabilities. Oh and, of course, the screen looks gorgeous.

    It is nice also to see BlackBerry putting focus on privacy with DTEK. Apps gaining access to systems they shouldn't is one of the larger threats in the Android ecosystem and seems to be a big focus of it. To learn more about DTEK check out Alan's article and the Inside BlackBerry Blog.
    One of the more interesting reveals is Pop-up Widgets. It allows you to swipe an app and open a small interactive widget. This should serve extremely useful for quick actions and being able to jump in and out of things quickly and smoothly without having to open up multiple applications and jump between. While it's not quite the gesture UI of BlackBerry 10, the company does seem to be adding bit more flow to the Android OS.

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