• The BlackBerry Priv Now Available On Verizon

    For you Verizon customers, the wait is officially over. If you've been holding out for the BlackBerry Priv is now officially available on Big Red. As of today, you can purchase the BlackBerry Priv online or if you want to wait, you can purchase at your local Verizon store on March 11th.

    The Verizon Priv will cost you $720.00 outright or if you prefer $30.00/month for 24 months on Verizon's device payment plan. Verizon offers several extra features to sweeten the deal for anyone considering them as a carrier. First, activating a new PRIV on Verizon Plan XL or larger will net you 24 GB of bonus data a year, for life. Better yet, if you switch to Verizon from a discount provider or one with a poor network, you’re eligible for up to $650 on your old contract.

    Here is a link to Verizon's press release, if you're not totally sold.

    Will you be getting the BlackBerry Priv on Verizon? Let us know in the comments below.

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