• BlackBerry Priv Ads Began To Surface Via Google Adwords

    As I was doing my daily reading of our wonderful BlackBerryOS blog today, to my surprise a BlackBerry Priv Google ad popped up. The ad directs to the BlackBerry Priv pre-registration page that went live just a few days ago.

    The ad reads...

    "BlackBerry powered by Android

    BlackBerry Security combined with Google Play apps and touch and type options.

    Super intelligent, beautiful and only in Black.

    Switch now, SIGN UP HERE for your world of privacy."
    With the BlackBerry Priv rumored to be launching in early November, it's good to see that BlackBerry is starting to ramp up marketing efforts. Let's hope we begin to see many more of these types of ads on BlackBerry and Android websites across the web.

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