• BlackBerry PlayBook Review

    We are now well into the second month since the release of the BlackBerry PlayBook into the hands of the BlackBerry user. I'd like to approach this review with some simple and brief explanations on how far the PlayBook has come in the relatively short time since it's been available, as well as go over some of it's main features. I've had the PlayBook for about 4 weeks now and I feel like I'm ready to thrown in my hat to be able to give an honest and informative review. Below, I'll be going over the main categories I feel most important that cover the basis for the PlayBook experience, as well as a few rants of my own. The tablet I have in hand for this review is a 16GB WiFi model that sells for $499 retail. Current PlayBook OS is OS v1.0.5.2304, which was released on 6/7. Let's get to it!...

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