• BlackBerry PlayBook Power Button Criticism Exposed

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    Were you under the impression from early reviews that the PlayBook's power button was basically going to be useless? After reading over many of the first reviews on the PlayBook, I was sold that I was not going to be using the power button, and that it was the worst piece of hardware on the device. Until... I got my hand on the tablet myself. I then realized that the PlayBook's power button is by far the best I have seen on a tablet. It does take bit more pressure to push than the iPad's power button, but that's what one would want in a power button to protect against accidental pushes. All the criticisms that it was "too hard to push", "had to dig my nail at it", "didn't stick out far enough", were simply over exaggerations in my opinion. As I demonstrate in the video above, you won't have to worry about using the power button. In fact, I never even noticed it was a problem since I laid hands on the tablet. How about you? Agree?, disagree? Let us know.

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