• BlackBerry PlayBook heading to Verizon?


    Thanks to Verizon's new online catalog we may have a peek into the future of what the rocky relationship will be for RIM devices. In the catalog, the PlayBook is featured as 'Coming Soon', which brings surprising news as many were skeptic about Verizon selling the tablet in their stores. The Bold 9650 and the Curve 3G 9330 are labeled as 'While supplies last' - which suggests that Verizon may be getting rid of those hand-held devices. We hope this doesn't happen without adding a few devices to the inventory. Back in February we posted a video in which the upcoming BlackBerry Touch 9850 was depicted with a Verizon brand on the back cover. At least it seems for now that Verizon will have a hand in the new hand-held devices set to release this year, but only time will tell which ones they choose.

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