• BlackBerry PlayBook Bluetooth Keyboard Goes On Pre-Sale

    The mythical PlayBook keyboard that we've heard so much about is finally getting ready to be launched. You can now pre-order the official Bluetooth keyboard via the Source for $99. The price once it launches will apparently be $119 so you get to save $20 if you pre-order. The keyboard will be shipping March 23rd, 2012. Below are some of the features this awesome keyboard will offer:

    Powerful multi-touch control

    • Use the touchpad to navigate and control PlayBook

    Portable productivity

    • View 100% of your screen while typing
    • Three products in one – keyboard, integrated touchpad and case
    • Easy to carry – same size and shape of BlackBerry PlayBook,
    • Improved Data Entry- The touchpad enables greater precision and improved navigation

    Powered and ready when you need it

    • Charge your keyboard with your PlayBook charger
    • Keyboard will last up to 30 days on a single charge!

    Keep your data protected

    • Features 128bit encryption

    There you have it! Are you on board with the Bluetooth keyboard or are you happy just using the BlackBerry Remote feature?

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