• BlackBerry PlayBook 3G+ On Display At IFA 2012

    A few weeks ago, we announced the launch of the BlackBerry PlayBook 4G which was available in Canada for a pricey $549 compared to the Wifi-Only PlayBook which is currently on sale for $149.99 at FutureShop / BestBuy Canada. Last week at the IFA 2012 conference in Europe the BlackBerry PlayBook 3G+ with HSPA+ connectivity was on display connected through Vodafone's HSPA+/UMTS network in Germany. This was a pretty interesting find as this means the 3G+ PlayBook will be likely available in Europe shortly and possibly other locations where the LTE standard is not ready or not available for the 4G PlayBook.

    With the PlayBook priced so low already, I think anyone who would want a PlayBook would probably have one by now but I wonder if this device does come available in Europe will you (our readers) buy this?


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