• The BlackBerry Passport: Huge Battery + 4 Microphones = One Awesome Device

    Another day, another revealing look at the BlackBerry Passport. And since it's Friday, I almost hate for the weekend to get here because it means that we will need to wait until Monday for another possible look into the BlackBerry Passport. But Friday brings some great information on the technical specs on the Passport.

    Donny Haliwell at the Inside BlackBerry Blog has dropped some great information about the Passport. One amazing aspect of the Passport is it's battery. It comes in with a whopping 3450mAh battery. Let that sink in... a 3450mAh battery. if you thought your Z30 with it's 2880mAh battery gave you life, boy are you in for a treat. The battery that the Passport contains is incredible. To quote Donny, “No other smartphone or phablet on the market today has a battery that large.”

    Imagine not having the anxiety of waking up and realizing you forgot to charge your phone overnight. With the battery in the Passport, you'll have enough left over from the day before to get done what needs to get done and then some.

    Another aspect of this phone is the BlackBerry Natural Sound. Again, we thought we had it good with the BBM voice calls, but the BlackBerry Passport takes BlackBerry Natural Sound to a new level with Natural Sound working with cell phone calls as well. This is due to the Passport's four..yes four microphones that help adapt audio levels in real time in the ambient environment and position to the ear.

    Donny just can't say enough great words about the BlackBerry Passport. You should head on over to the Inside BlackBerry Blog to read all his thoughts as he uses the Passport for work and play.
    Source: IBB

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