• BlackBerry Oslo Gets Certified For Singapore And Malaysia?

    If you're looking to get your hands on the BlackBery Oslo/Dallas, you may need to fly to Malaysia or Singapore in the coming weeks. According to device certification information sent to us earlier today, BlackBerry Singapore has gotten approval from IDA for a BlackBerry Passport-variant smartphone, SQW-100-4. Rumours are this is the recently leaked BlackBerry Oslo/Dallas. With the original passport being SQW-100-1, and the AT&T variant being SQW-100-3 there is no doubt that this certified device will fall within the Passport family.

    As per our source, this device was originally scheduled for a late June release, but was pushed to mid-July or early August due to the delay in certification.

    SQW100-4 Certification in Malaysia

    SQW100-4 Certification in Singapore

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