• BlackBerry OS 7.0 Named Most Secure Mobile OS For Businesses

    Once again the BlackBerry proves that its security is matched by no other device on the market today. A recent survey taken by antivirus and security giant Trend Micro shows BlackBerry OS 7.0 coming out on top over iOS5, Windows Phone 7.5, and Android 2.3.

    The survey scored each platform on factors like, built-in security, application security, authentication, device firewall, device wipe, and virtualisation. BlackBerry had the highest score at 2.89. Apples iOS came out in second place at 1.7, Windows Mobile at 1.16, and Android at 1.37

    This is great news, but should come to no surprise to BlackBerry users as RIM has always taken pride in developing secure devices. A good organization always has security in mind, but unfortunately the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) mentality mandated by CEO's have opened the doors for even more security threats. Thankfully organizations who put their trust in BlackBerry wont have to be as concerned about security issues as the BlackBerry can take care of itself.

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