• BlackBerry OS 10.3.2 Rolling Out For Verizon And T-Mobile Customers

    If you are an owner of a BlackBerry 10 smartphone tied to either Verizon or T-Mobile, you may want to sit down for this news. Seated? Okay, good. Your BlackBerry phone will be getting an update to OS 10.3.2 very shortly.

    Verizon customers will be seeing BlackBerry OS hit their devices soon, if not now, if you are a BlackBerry Classic owner. Some Classic owners on Big Red are able to get right now and the other BlackBerry devices are soon to follow so check your software update setting.

    T-Mobile Customers are also in for a treat as your new BlackBerry Classic will be getting OS as of the 17th (tomorrow). It remains to be seen when OS 10.3.2 will be made available for the Z10. Keep your software update fingers limbered up as well.
    Source: CB

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