• BlackBerry OS Leaked For Z30, Passport, Classic And Leap

    Just a few days ago, we saw OS leaked and now we have a new leak. This time, it's a newer version of OS 10.3.2. This leaked version is which had been released in a private BlackBerry Beta test a few days ago.

    The Z30 shares the same update files with the BlackBerry Classic and the BlackBerry Leap so you could also update your Classic and Leap if you wish. Please just understand that this is a leaked AND a beta OS so some things of the OS may not be fully functional. You should stay away if you're not familiar with loading .bar files with the side loading process. BlackBerryOS.com assumes no fault if you lose data or brick your phone. You are solely responsible.

    Passport OS Upgrade .bar files

    Z30 OS Radio and Core .bar files Z30 Apps, Core and Radio
    Source: BBE

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