• BlackBerry OS Being Seeded To Select Beta Participants

    If you are among the lucky few who are currently part of the BlackBerry OS 10.3.2 beta testers program on BlackBerry Beta Zone, you may be receiving a new update today. A new OS 10.3.2 build numbered v10.3.2.2134 (OS v10.3.2.2204) is currently being pushed out to a select few members of the beta program.

    Notable Fixed Issues:

    • [Active Frames] Minimized Apps content in active frame appears distorted and stretched
    • [Android] Skype may close unexpectedly
    • [BBWorld] Unable to view reviews in BlackBerry World
    • [Browser] In some cases, the browser will close unexpectedly
    • [Browser] Tab list may not minimize when taping active webpage content
    • [Contacts] In some instances, you may not be able to share a Contact: "You can not share data from this contact"

    The list above is only partial, but we will update it as information becomes available.

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