• BlackBerry OS 10.3.1 is Expected Over the Coming Weeks in North America

    Surely having an update for your phone is a good thing. especially if the update brings a major improvements, just like what OS 10.3.1 did when released yesterday. What could be worst than waiting for the update to arrive on your phone, is waiting for it while everyone else around the world is already getting it. This may be sounds familiar for folks living in North America, as carriers are taking more time for their testing of the OS update.

    While everyone else who purchased the devices unlocked through ShopBlackBerry are already expressing their joy for the 10.3.1 update, users in North America still need to be satisfied with OS 10.2.1 for now. We did see Rogers release an update for Z10/Q10 yesterday, but nothing else from any carrier in Canada, USA or Mexico. We reached out to BlackBerry for confirmation and were informed that the update will arrive over the coming weeks to carriers in US, Canada, and Mexico.

    Please be patient, and hopefully the update will hit your devices sooner than later.

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