• BlackBerry OS Hitting Some Rogers BlackBerry Devices

    Shawn Harvey, our beloved Editor-In-Chief, has received an update today for the BlackBerry 10 OS on his BlackBerry Classic. The update that was supposed to drop in early February has been pushed out a week or so early it seems. Rumors flew about an early release for January 27th and fortunately they did come to fruition.

    If you were lucky enough to get the update, let us know. We're hoping that hits other devices and carriers sooner than later. Although the joke is that the update will be pushed out by the USA carriers in July 2015. Not being on a preferred Canadian carrier, I pretty much have assigned myself to realize that "joke" may be more reality than humor.

    Let us know if your BlackBerry Classic got the update on Rogers and if you notice any changes from the previous OS that it was launched with.

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