• BlackBerry Messenger v6.2.0.56 Appearing In App World For OS 7.1 Devices

    Today seems like a good day to update BBM to the latest version. The new version is starting to propagate through App World and is currently available by going to
    blackberry.com/bbm as well. For some reason, this update is only available for OS 7.1, and since this is the first time a BBM update is made for a specific OS only, we're not entirely sure if it will be supported on 7.0 and below later.

    The changes aren't huge so if you don't have OS 7.1, I wouldn't worry too much about it.

    Change log for v6.2.0.56:

    • Broadcast messages now appear in purple
    • Improved layout for the Chinese Handwriting feature
    • Added support for Finnish

    Download BlackBerry Messenger from App World or download it OTA through blackberry.com/bbm on your browser.

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