• BlackBerry Messenger Available in Beta Zone

    BBM has been a staple in the BlackBerry universe for many years. It's so important to us that many users will not switch to another platform simply because no one else has a BBM-like app available. We've seen BBM evolve through out the years. The addition of status messages, display pictures, groups and more recently, BBM-connected apps through BBM 6.0 have made BlackBerry Messenger a force to be reckoned with.

    Today, BBM 6.1 has rolled out in the Beta Zone. With it come a few new features that should make the user experience more friendly. Check them out below.
    • Longer status messages (From 64 characters to 160 characters)
    • Animated Display Pictures (Set .gif as Display Pictures)
    • The "Set As Display Picture" option added to the Pictures menu
    • Set Chat Bubble Colors
    • More Emoticons
    Check out BBM 6.1 in the Beta Zone today
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