• BlackBerry Looking Into A Skype Style VoIP

    One of the biggest challenges that BlackBerry faces is cash flow. They've started the turn around with their business cuts but one of the avenues to raise more revenue that has just come about is the monetizing of BBM. With the addition of BBM Stickers, people now have the ability to buy add ons to personalize their BBM messages.

    Another way to monetize BBM may be in the works. According to an article published by Emirates 24/7 BlackBerry's Senior Director of BBM Business Development, David Proulx, BlackBerry may be looking into launching a Skype like service for BBM that would provide revenue. “We are still investing in the organic elements that drive users. Any monetisation is driven by large user base. Our idea is to take BBM to as many end-points as possible."

    Another nugget of interest was the addition of BBM to the Windows Mobile platform time frame. “Apart from Android and iOS, the company plans to introduce a Windows mobile version within the next three months. We introduced support for the Gingerbread. We also introduced relationship with Nokia. We are already on Nokia X."

    Proulx added that they are going to keep BBM free, as always, which BlackBerry prides itself on. But their focus is to add value to their customers as well as increase their reach into brands such as Mercedes does through BBM Channels.

    So, what do you think? Would you pay to have a "Skype-ish" feature on your BlackBerry? Let us know in your comments below.
    Source: Emirates 24/7

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