• BlackBerry Link For PC Updated to Version

    Coming off the recent BlackBerry Link update for Mac users, a Windows update for BlackBerry Link has arrived. Updating to version, BlackBerry has issued a pretty substantial anounf of fixes and updates to it's desktop software for PC users.

    Some of the updates and fixes for v1.1.1.41 include:

    • Merger Link to BlackBerry devices.
    • WiFi sync.
    • Syncronizing with your device.
    • Backup Fixes.
    • Fixes for remote access for your files.
    • Contact an Calendar Sync.
    • Syncronizing for media files.
    • Changing devices.
    • Importation of contacts/calendars.
    • Easier navigation of the application.

    You can download BlackBerry Link for your Windows PC here.

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