• BlackBerry Leap Rumored To Be Launching In India On May 7

    BlackBerry is rumored to be ready to continue the global rollout of the BlackBerry Leap, by launching the device in India on May 7th, according to reports from The Indian Express.

    Originally announced at Mobile World Congress in Barecelona in early March, the phone is being touted in several markets as a BlackBerry Z3 & BlackBerry Z10 replacement. The phone should be available in India for under Rs 20,000.

    The new five-inch all-touch smartphone supports consumers and enterprise users who value security and privacy while pushing their productivity to the next level.

    You can read our review of the BlackBerry Leap before making your decision on BlackBerry's latest smartphone offering. As more information becomes available regarding the BlackBerry Leap's availability, we will make sure to pass along that information in a timely manner.

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