• The BlackBerry Leap, Available April 29th In the UK?

    The newly announced BlackBerry Leap seems to be headed to the UK first, as local mobile shops have been offering the Leap in pre-order sales. The availablility of the leap seems centered around April 29th but you may need to take that with a grain of salt.

    The SIM free BlackBerry Leap, offered via pre-order sales, is hitting Clove, Unlocked Mobiles and Expansys stores. The mobile network giant Vodafone UK has also noted they will be selling the Leap but only to business customers. The prices range from £215 ($320) to £205, offered from the mobile stores. No word on what Vodafone UK is offering as a price for the BlackBerry Leap.

    There is no word on when Vodafone UK will start offering the device up and even BlackBerry hasn't given much of a hint on when the Leap will be officially available from them.

    Will you be getting the BlackBerry Leap? Let us know in the comments below.

    Source: IBT

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