• Blackberry Leap Accessories Already Available

    My dad's a Harley-Davidson fanatic. He has more Harley stuff than most Harley fans I know. Problem is, he doesn't own a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Shoot, he doesn't even own a motorcycle at all. But I didn't write this to talk about my dad.

    If you pre-ordered a Leap or are buying one today (or soon) you already have some options to accessorize. Blackberry has already released some pretty cool stuff for the Leap. And as usual, Amazon's Blackberry store has much of the same also available although stock is already starting to deplete there.

    Do me a favor though. If you buy the accessories before you buy the phone, don't be like my dad, actually buy the phone. It's just...sad...really...really...sad... <stares off> I digress.

    The normal, high-quality slip cases, docks, power adapters, screen protectors, and the like are there. Check 'em out! Shop Blackberry / Amazon

    As usual, as the staff here at BlackberryOS gets our grubby mitts on Leap accessories we'll post up our thoughts. If you've already picked some of these up, feel free to share your own thoughts in our forums or hit us up on Twitter and let us know!

    Don't forget to read our Leap Review!

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