• BlackBerry Launches "Type Amaze" Browser Game; Puts Your Keyboard Up Against The Z10's

    One of the biggest features of the BlackBerry Z10 is the incredibly powerful virtual keyboard. It is literally the best touchscreen keyboard ever made, and BlackBerry wants to everyone to know it. We were given a heads up today about a new browser based game that BlackBerry has launched called "Type Amaze."

    The goal of this game is to navigate your way through a small maze by typing out certain words, like "amazing," "innovative;" etc, with your device's onscreen keyboard. The cool thing about it, though, is that when you're done, the Type Amaze will tell you how many keystrokes you have used to get to the end. It will also tell you how many keystrokes less a BlackBerry Z10 takes using its full potential (i.e. word completion by swiping words up).

    Type Amaze can be played on pretty much any smartphone, so your friends on iOS, Android or WP8, can try to outtype the Z10 as well, and fail miserably in the process.

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