- The BlackBerry To iPhone Migration, A Corporate Epidemic
  • The BlackBerry To iPhone Migration, A Corporate Epidemic

    The competitiveness between Apple and RIM has always gone the way of pleasure over business. RIM has always had a competitive advantage over all other smartphone makers in that its security features are second to none. The problem always seemed to be with RIM's inability to connect with the everyday consumer who was looking for a phone that could run all the cool apps their friends were playing. Although this has changed over the past few months it's still an area that all smartphone makers want to capitalize on.

    In addition to security, connecting with the corporate enterprise level market was also an advantage that RIM had. In fact, it may be RIM's biggest edge over anyone else in the smartphone market. RIM has been riding the wave of enterprise domination for a long time now. The question now is has that wave crashed?
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