• BlackBerry Introduces Us To The BlackBerry Fact Check Portal

    BlackBerry has decided enough is enough in with the disinformation out there by it's competitors and the media, and it is relying on YOU to help with fighting the outright lies. BlackBerry is asking you to report any disinformation or false claims by competitors with the BlackBerry Fact Check Portal.

    BlackBerry is in a rebirth and it's transition is very public. Once down, now growing again, BlackBerry's comeback is scaring it's competition and a scared competitor is s desperate competitor. A good defense is a strong offense and the BlackBerry Fact Check Portal is one-stop reference for all things #BBFactCheck. it will have stats, news, information on everything from mobility management to messaging, devices to security, BlackBerry will make sure you get the real story.

    The BlackBerry Fact Check Portal is planned to launch sometime today.

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