• BlackBerry ID And Beta Zone Accounts Will Now Be Linked

    Last month, the BlackBerry Beta Zone sent out an email letting everyone know about the new BBID integration into the BZ. Last night, they went ahead and rolled out this update and it is now live. Once you visit the Beta Zone for the first time, you will be asked to sign in with your BlackBerry ID. After that, you will be asked to link your BlackBerry Beta Zone account to it (if you have one, of course) by signing into the BZ account.

    And voila! It's that simple.

    What this could mean for the future of the Beta Zone is definitely exciting. The most logical and obvious new feature will be the ability to push apps out through App World, making beta PlayBook apps possible. This will take some time so if it's not out by next week, don't panic.

    So if you do have Beta Zone account, head on over there right now and link your two accounts up!

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