• BlackBerry Granted New Flex Screen Patent Design, How Could It Be Used In The Future?

    BlackBerry has talked a lot about the future of mobile computing. The computing part seems to be pretty evidently coming from BlackBerry and QNX, but the mobile side still needs a new breakthrough in terms of sheer hardware. We have touchscreen phones, QWERTY keyboard phones; big phone and little phones. So what could be next?

    A new patent shows an angle that BlackBerry could be taking towards the mobility approach. While yes, these patents get filed all the time, and don't get necessarily used, this one will definitely catch many people's eyes.

    According to PatentBolt, BlackBerry filed this patent under "serial number 296364 back in Q4 2011 and was published this past week at the US Patent and Trademark Office."

    How BlackBerry could apply this patent in future devices is unknown, but we could see some cool transforming tablets/smartphones of sorts. The code name "Cafe Series" has been rumored to be exactly this type of transforming device. No pictures have been seen of such device, but it would make sense for BlackBerry to attempt to patent this tech right now, way before it's commercially available.

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