• BlackBerry Fires Richard Piasentin, VP and Managing Director BlackBerry USA Sales

    News coming out of Waterloo have not been quite pleasant these last few weeks to say the least, and it seems like more bumpy rough patches are ahead. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Richard Piasentin, VP and Managing Director of BlackBerry USA Sales, Marketing & Operations has been quietly let go.

    We all know how uneventful the US launches of the Z10 and Q10 have gone, with the evident lack of knowledge about these products from most carriers right up to a few days before launch. Not to mention the ongoing OS update rollout conundrum. Lets just say it was a most likely the cause for the Z10 and Q10 sales to not meet expectations. We cannot put all the blame on Mr. Piasentin, as we do not have all the facts regarding his departure from the company.

    What we do know is that who ever ends up taking his position is going to have to step it up and ensure BlackBerry's message gets out to as many people as possible as fast as possible.

    The Journal also reports more layoffs may be looming in the future of BlackBerry as they continue chugging along in their transition. What do you make of these news? Good or bad move by BlackBerry?

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