• BlackBerry Fact Check Smacks Down Good Technology Misinformation

    BlackBerry Fact Check is really on the ball, shining light on what the misinformation on what companies do to take business away from BlackBerry. Hype, shiny objects, a lot of flash, smoke and mirrors may draw attention but when it all boils down to it, substance is what customers need to rely on. BlackBerry is making sure that you aren't sold a bunch of hype and no substance.

    Using Good's Technology own whitepaper, BlackBerry takes their Fact Check pen to Good's claims and reveals just how behind the times Good is. Good is comparing themselves to 2010-era BlackBerry technology. Using four year old data, Good is comparing their current technology to BlackBerry 6 and 7. That makes about as much sense as...well, it actually makes no sense, unless you want to deceive your customers.

    BlackBerry has taken their red editor's pen and made some suggestions to to Good and their sales team. Take a look at the image and see where Good is deceiving people in the EMM world. (All that red makes me recall my college essays..)

    You can read more at the BlackBerry Fact Check site at the Inside BlackBerry Blog.

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