• BlackBerry Extends PlayBook Tablet Developer Offer

    BlackBerry announced at the beginning of this month an offer for developers of Android and BlackBerry platforms to get more apps into App World for OS 2.0's launch this week. There has been such huge interest in submitting from developers, that BlackBerry has announced they will extending their original offer to developers to March 2nd, 2012.

    How much interest has there been? According to BlackBerry's official DevBlog:
    There have been over 1,500 app submissions as of last Friday and over 6600 new developers registered in the BlackBerry App World™ storefront. We have teams working around the clock to approve vendor registrations and app submissions. Because of the high demand, approvals are taking longer than normal – we appreciate your patience.
    Vendors do have to be registered by the 15th of February though in order to take advantage of this offer. So if you're a developer that was thinking about submitting an app not totally complete in order to make the deadline, you know have a couple of more weeks to get that app polished and ready to go.
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