• BlackBerry Elites Now Get Verified BBM Channels

    Verified accounts for things like Twitter, Facebook, and BBM are not new. But for those holding the illustrious status of a BlackBerry Elite member you can now have your BBM Channel verified as well. The BlackBerry Blog has the details:

    The BlackBerry Elite Program is an exclusive invitation-only program for passionate advocates who demonstrate an exceptional and vocal commitment to BlackBerry products and the brand. They lead the charge by interacting with others and sharing their knowledge within their own social networks to help create positive sentiment that positively influences wider opinion about the brand and BlackBerry’s solutions.
    For this reason, we have granted the “Verified” status to any active BBM Channels run by BlackBerry Elites and, possibly, with more than 100 subscribers. The “Verified” badge is usually used to show subscribers that the owner of a certain channel is really what/who someone expects to be and helps avoid impersonation. That badge is usually used for big enterprises, very influential people, public figures and so on. We think our BlackBerry Elites are as important as public figures, aren’t they?
    I think so! You'll note the "possibly 100 subscribers" part. If you're an elite member and you want to get verified, you may need to step up your BBM Channel game.

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