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    When it comes to the BlackBerry there are many terms used in everyday conversation. Some of these terms can be confusing and may leave one wondering what exactly a person is trying to say. Most of us in the BlackBerry community tend to talk in these short terms, such as; BBM, RIM, POP, BES, OTA or SDK.

    I know what they all mean, but do you?

    Well, with the use of this dictionary you should be confused no more!

    I have compiled information from multiple different sources and added my own definitions/comments to put together a BlackBerry Master Dictionary.

    Stands for Over the Air. Over the air is a .jad/.jar file that is installed from within the BlackBerry browser. These files are installed directly onto your device for applications and etc. This is most commonly used in conversations about BlackBerry Themes and Apps downloads.

    Each Blackberry has a unique PIN. This is not your 4-digit PIN for your SIM card, but an 8 character long hexadecimal value that is used to identify your device against the BlackBerry Enterprise Server. So this PIN is not used in the common understanding of "PIN" for logging in, like your using phone SIM card, ATM card, Online banking.

    This is yet another mobile phone network standard, invented by Qualcomm, and is used mainly by many North American carriers. It stands for "Code Division Multiple Access". CDMA BlackBerry devices display an indicator "1X" when it connects with full data service, and lowercase "1x" when it is not able to connect to full BlackBerry email/Internet service. Carriers include Verizon, Sprint, and Telus. For technical information, see Wikipedia CDMA.
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