• BlackBerry Dev Alpha OS Reveals Possible Future Device Code Names

    We knew little by little the Dev Alpha device would give us some hidden secrets about the future of BlackBerry, including the BlackBerry 10 OS. What we didn't know was that this device would also give us some info as to the future hardware for BlackBerry devices as well.

    Well today, J. Duke from OSBB, has dug up some great info from the Dev Alpha device's viewable file system. Here are some future BlackBerry device code names that he found.

    • # R044 – Nevada 0x8400270A,1
    • # R051 – Winchester2 LTE 0x0c001a06,1
    • # R052 – Winchester2 HSPA+ 0x0d001a06,1
    • # R053 – Winchester2 LTE HSPA+ 0x0e001a06,1
    • # R061 – Colt 0×04002307,1
    • # R072 – London 0×04002607,1
    • # R073 – Blackforest 0×04002706,1
    • # R084 – Nashville 0x8500270A,1
    • # R085 – Naples 0x8600270A,1

    Some of these names are a little familiar to us (Colt, London; etc) but others are not. It's possible that the Winchester2 code name could represent the 3G/4G PlayBook variants. Logically this would make sense.

    The last two, Nashville and Naples, are definitely intriguing to say the least as well. Could these be the mythical slider and full QWERTY BB10 devices? I get a feeling they very well could be.

    What kind of devices are you hoping to see when BlackBerry 10 finally comes out?

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