• BlackBerry To Demonstrate BlackBerry Experience Suite At BlackBerry Security Summit

    During today's BlackBerry Security Summit, BlackBerry is expected to finally demonstrate the BlackBerry Experience Suite, which they originally announced in early March. This will bring BlackBerry’s unmatched power of productivity, communication, collaboration and security across all smartphone and tablets running iOS, Android™, and Windows® operating systems, giving users the unprecedented ability to work seamlessly and securely across any device.

    In attendance will be BlackBerry CEO John Chen, COO Marty Beard, VP of Product Management Tim Choi, VP of Corporate Strategy Jeff Holleran, as well as other BlackBerry personnel. Like last year’s BlackBerry Security Summit, the event will be highly focused on security threats in mobile, and BlackBerry’s role in preventing this threats at the enterprise and government levels.

    The event will be streamed live from New York City starting at 9am EDT. Do you think there will be any exciting news from the keynote at the BlackBerry Security Summit? Let us know in the comments!

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