• BlackBerry Crushes The Competition In South Africa

    If you have found yourself part of the growing trend of RIM naysayers, your're not alone. Many have jumped ship and moved to other mobile platforms. However the medias mass doom and gloom reports have been less than stellar, and many times simply ill-informed. Yes, there have been problems, but the BlackBerry maker is doing quite well in certain areas considering the circumstances.

    New subscriber information released by mobile carrier giant Vodacom, points to a large healthy BlackBerry user base in South Africa. Vodacom currently has over 2.4 million BlackBerry users, 500,000 Android users, and surprisingly only 250,000 iPhone users. It is clear that South African users are sticking with BlackBerry.

    Contrary to analyst predictions, Vodacom has seen an increase in their BlackBerry user base; up 100,000 since May. Since April of 2011 Vodacom has seen a significant increase in their BlackBerry user base, while RIM's competitors showed little increase. RIM has always had a solid track record delivering its devices to South Africa, but still needs to work on its relationship with U.S consumers.

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