• BlackBerry Continues Its Focused Advertising In The UK With Amscreen

    Continuing with the principle of creating innovative and focused advertising for BlackBerry 10, BlackBerry have recently teamed up with the digital marketing company Amscreen to complement its current UK tour of shopping centres.

    Amscreen is a nationwide system of over 1900 screens found in convenience stores and forecourts. The advertisements highlight the experimental roadshows as will as provide live streams from Twitter to provide both further details plus consumer feedback on BlackBerry 10 in real-time.

    Amscreen's CEO Simon Sugar said
    We're extremely pleased to announce this technology-driven BlackBerry 10 campaign on the Amscreen network. Our unique platform allows us to deliver live, relevant social content at the right time and place. This unrivalled level of national flexibility and relevance simply can’t be achieved elsewhere.
    BlackBerry UK's Channel Marketing Director, Quentin Scott as added
    Amscreen is a trusted partner and we are pleased to be using its network as part of the experiential phase of our launch.
    This all ties in together with Frank Boulben's comments in his interview about how he doesn't want to use conventional celebrity endorsments, but rather engage the public by showing the devices being used by real people, whether famous or otherwise, and showing how the BlackBerry 10 experience differs from others.

    It's encouraging to see such attention to detail by teaming up with partners like this to make sure that a very focused message is being delivered to the public in these ways, and I'm looking forward to seeing how innovations are going to appear in the USA after launch.

    Source: Amscreen

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