• BlackBerry CMO Expects BBM For iPhone And Android To Launch "Within Days"

    BlackBerry released an open letter today which will be showing up on major publications over the next couple of days. Referring to this open letter, BlackBerry CMO, Frank Boulben spoke with Reuters, and gave some interesting tid-bits about what's coming up with BBM in particular.

    According to the open letter, and Boulben, there are already 6 million Android and iPhone users pre-registered for the launch of BBM at blackberry.com/bbm.

    When can we expect the app? Frank Boulben said he expects BBM to launch for both, iPhone and Android, "within days." He also added he's confident BlackBerry has been able to address the issues that plagued the initial launch.

    Hopefully, this means we could be seeing BBM for iPhone and Android this week, or early next week. Let's hope there are no more setbacks, and we can finally invite our friends and family to join us on the best communications app out there, BBM.

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