• The BlackBerry Classic Is Officially Announced

    The BlackBerry Classic has officially been announced in New York City by John Chen, BlackBerry CEO. Chen showed off the BlackBerry Classic to an audience in New York and stated that they, "had to re-design the BlackBerry Classic from the ground up." Chen also took a not so veiled at an "American Idol" and their keyboard for the iPhone.

    The BlackBerry Classic is the phone that will win former BlackBerry users back. The BlackBerry Classic is a physically strong phone engineered from a single block of stainless steel and features Gorilla Glass. The screen on the Classic is 66% larger than the precursor, the BlackBerry Bold. In fact, BlackBerry provides a comparison between the BlackBerry Bold and the new BlackBerry Classic in a video.

    For a quick first look at the BlackBerry Classic, Mobile Syrup has a review of the Classic up at their site. We will be posting our review of the BlackBerry Classic in the next few days so stay tuned to our site for our review.

    We'd like to know what you think of the BlackBerry Classic? Is this a must get? Will you upgrade from the Q10 or leave a Z30 or your Z10 for it? Does the keyboard and track pad pull you back? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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