• The BlackBerry Classic Makes A Classic Appearance On Video

    The soon to be released BlackBerry phone not named the Passport has made a pretty long video appearance. The BlackBerry Classic has been put in front of the video camera yet again and it really looks spectacular. The BlackBerry Classic hits on all the best parts of BlackBerry phones past with the track pad, the QWERTY Keyboard and the BlackBerry tool belt.

    You can see in the video the size relationship of the Classic next to the Bold 9900, the Q10 and the BlackBerry Z30. The video provided by Dhabkirk and DTBlackBerry puts the Classic thruch it's paces and we get to see the trackpad in action as well as the back button. Also included in the video is a quick look at the keyboard, the touch screen and everything else that makes the Classic the next BlackBerry phone to be coveted.

    Let us know what you think in the comments below about the video and does seeing it give you pause to reconsider getting a BlackBerry Passport and waiting for a BlackBerry Classic.

    Source: @DHabkirk and DT BlackBerry

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