• The BlackBerry Classic Gets The Gold Plated Look

    The newly released BlackBerry Classic has taken the smartphone world by storm. It's retro look and design has caught the attention of many people. Well just imagine if the BlackBerry Classic had a gold version..a 24karat version. How eye catching would that be?

    N4BB received pictures of just that. A 24k gold plated version of the BlackBerry Classic. The British company, WNG Supplies, produces gold plated versions of the BlackBerry Classic. This harkens back to versions we've seen before of a gold plated BlackBerry Passport and Q10.

    The Gold plated BlackBerry Classic doesn't come cheap though. At a price of £1,999 or a little over $3000 US, the cost is a bit steep. But if you just have to have one go for it.

    I'm probably going to have one bronzed.

    Source: N4BB

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