• BlackBerry CEO, John Chen, Would Completely Drop BlackBerry 10 For Android

    There is a buzz about in the mobile world since BlackBerry announced that their next flagship device, the BlackBerry Priv, would be running Android OS.

    Last week at the Code/Mobile Conference, when asked about BlackBerry supporting two operating systems, BlackBerry CEO, John Chen went on the record in saying, that is "the plan for now." However, he added that if he could bring all the security features of BB10 to Android, he would consider dropping BB10 in a year or two.

    He also said in support of BB10, "We have two new releases of BB10 coming out to support government and high-security customers."

    Chen stressed that by moving to Android would alleviate the ever continuing 'app gap' that has plagued BlackBerry since the launch of BlackBerry 10. He also mentioned that the move to Android would bring an entire ecosystem that BlackBerry has not had in the past. He talked about taking advantage of what the market has to offer, when asked about making the move to Android.

    IMO, the writing is on the wall. BlackBerry 10 has an EOL. Sure, BlackBerry will continue to support the current lineup of BB10 devices with updates, but the future of BlackBerry phones is Android OS.

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