• BlackBerry And Brodeur Go Their Separate Ways After 16 Years Of Service

    After 16 years of business, BlackBerry and Brodeur Partners have parted ways after a reevaluation of the company's PR support strategy.

    In a statement to TechnoBuffalo, BlackBerry confirmed they are consolidating their public relations services with one team made up by APCO and Text100.

    ”BlackBerry made the decision to embark on an initiative to evaluate our public relations agency partner support model around the world. We have completed this very comprehensive and disciplined evaluation, and can announce that BlackBerry has decided to consolidate the majority of our global public relations services with one team drawn from APCO and Text100.”

    For the last year and change, BlackBerry has been making big changes to its structure. This company is very different in how it handles its business, both internally and now externally as well. Public Relations is a huge part of how the outside views a company, and today, BlackBerry made a decision that they feel is in their best interest moving forward.

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