• "BlackBerry Born Again" Song - Dedicated To Team BlackBerry

    Apart from my constant writing in the BlackBerryOS Blog and bringing you daily BlackBerry news, I have another passion that not too many know about. Music! Any chance I get at playing my guitar or recording a new song, I'm always involved in music.

    So, I've decided to take my love for music, and make a BlackBerry song in which I have dedicated to you, Team BlackBerry. While there are many great Hip-Hop BB songs out there - just the other week Lil' E released his awesome track, No Sleep Till BlackBerry 10 - I've decided to create this song in the genre of Rock. I named the song 'BlackBerry Born Again,' which is about just that - RIM bringing BlackBerry to a whole new level with BlackBerry 10... born again.

    This song was inspired by the official BlackBerry 10 jingle which was featured during BlackBerry World 2012 first sneak peek video demo of BlackBerry 10.

    Check out my other songs on YouTube at JosefsCoatBand, and follow my music on Twitter @JosefsCoat.

    Thanks for listening, now spread the BlackBerry love and share it around!

    Song Lyrics:

    Verse 1:
    Waking up and the first thing I see, is the red blinking light on my BlackBerry. It's a notification, don't forget about me.

    Hey what's this? It's a BBM text, from my BFF about QNX. Sayin BlackBerry 10 is coming, it's a site to see.

    First you take a peek, and it's lookin sleek, but then it's starts to flow, like you wouldn't know. These are the things I seek, welcome to the show.... Let's rock n roll this!...

    Just don't throw it all away, because BlackBerry is here to stay. I just love it anyway, BlackBerry my friend is born again. And we'll meet on the other side, via BBM, BBM.

    Verse 2:
    Taking some pics with the time shift lens, getting that perfect shot, one that really blends. As we capture this moment, and hope it never ends.

    The new touch keyboard, it's gestured controlled, and with predictive text, man I'm on a roll. With a simple swipe, for all the words I like.

    Don't be worried, there's a Balance solution. No need to carry two devices, suffer smartphone dilution. I'm a one phone user, a Team BlackBerry abuser... Let's rock n roll this!...

    Chorus: Repeat

    You thought it was over, you were wrong my friends. It's a new beginning, one without an end. And if you'd like to join us, I can promise you. BlackBerry, will always stay true. So set aside that old device, whatever it may be, and follow me.

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