• BlackBerry Blend Video Shows Up On Vimeo

    As the release of the BlackBerry Classic comes nearer and the expected release of BlackBerry OS 10.3.1 is expected in early 2015, we are bound to see (hopefully) commercials for all things BlackBerry. A new spot has shown up on Vimeo, promoting BlackBerry Blend and the incredible way it makes you and your BlackBerry, tablet and PC the most productive devices.

    The video promotes the many facets of what BlackBerry Blend can do, with sharing files between all your Blend connected devices, accessing BBM and text messages from your PC or tablet and being able to keep connected with work but making the most of your personal time.

    We don't know if this will be a commercial just for internal BlackBerry Enterprise sales or a publicly broadcasted spot for television but the work is very well done with a trippy vibe to it. The work was created at Royale and the 3D work was done by Handel Eugene whom also posted the video to his Vimeo channel.

    You can view the video here.
    Source: Berry Flow

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