• The BlackBerry Beta Zone Kicks Off The Global BlackBerry 10 Community; Are BB10 Beta Apps On The Way?

    The BlackBerry Beta Zone has been one of my favorite parts of the BlackBerry community for a very long time. With the legacy OS, it was great to be able to give direct feedback, and even on occasion, see your suggestion, or idea be implemented directly into one of the native BlackBerry apps you were testing.

    Once BlackBerry 10 arrived, many have wondered what exactly would be happening with the Beta Zone, and if we'd be getting to test out BlackBerry 10 apps in beta like we used to.

    Today, the BlackBerry Beta Zone has announced the start of the Global BlackBerry 10 community within the BZ. For now, the discussions will be limited to the forums, where we can all provide feedback in any part of BlackBerry 10. If you've noticed a bug, or don't think a certain feature is useful or could use some change, the Global BlackBerry 10 community is the place to let your voice be heard.

    As far as beta apps go, we've heard rumblings that the Beta Zone should be opening its doors for testing BlackBerry 10 apps by May of this year. Hopefully, the target dates are met and we're soon able to check out some sweet beta apps on BlackBerry 10.

    You can join the Global BlackBerry 10 community by either following this link, by logging into the Beta Zone (www.blackberry.com/beta) directly and looking under "Eligible Programs", or if it's your first time visiting the BZ, you can join by signing up for an account here.

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