• BlackBerry Balance Flows With BlackBerry 10

    The ability to separate work from play has always been a grey area within most organizations. Business professionals want to bring their own devices to work and want them to be integrated within their company's resources. We already know about BlackBerry Balance and what it has to offer, but how will RIM's new BlackBerry 10 smartphones fit in?

    The Inside BlackBerry for Business Blog gave us a look into how BlackBerry 10 smartphones will integrate with the BlackBerry Balance Technology. One of the driving factors behind BlackBerry Balance is changes in the ways that we use our smartphones. Mobile devices are now multitasking, mini-computers that do much more than just making phones calls. They are now essential to many people's lives both personally and professionally.

    Although BlackBerry 10 will have all the bells and whistles we have been waiting for, it still has to fit into an enterprise environment. BlackBerry 10 and BlackBerry Balance allow for smooth "flow" between work and personal spaces for the business professional.

    On BlackBerry 10, users will be able to change between their work and personal spaces simply swiping down on their home screen. That's all it takes, no jumping through hoops trying to get to personal data. While in their personal space, users can install their own apps, and access all that their phone has to offer. In their work space, users have access to all of their work resources like intranet, company apps, and messaging.

    The partition like setup, completely separates work from play. If you're an IT Admin concerned about data being mixed up, then you shouldn't be. RIM has addressed this by securely encrypting, and completely partitioning off corporate data from personal data. BlackBerry 10 devices will have a number of protection features like, no cut and paste between work and personal spaces, and work files will be tied to work applications. In addition to those features, IT Admins will be able to deploy IT Polices to further secure their devices. Corporate data Corporate data is completely independent from personal data. Together, BlackBerry Balance and BlackBerry 10, gives users the best of both worlds.

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